Welcome Microsoft Partners! Microsoft and Prometric would like to help you take advantage of exclusive MPN exam offers - whether you're looking to showcase your organization's skills, or simply maintain or earn a new competency. If you should have any questions or require additional instruction with regards to the exam offer order form below, please contact your Regional Voucher Sales and Service Department. Exam offer orders will be processed within two (2) business days, excluding public holidays, and will be emailed to the address supplied by the requestor. If paying by check or bank transfer, please allow additional time for processing, as payment must first be received and applied to customer invoice.
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Discounts on voucher purchases must be applied for at the time of registration. Prometric will offer you the best pricing on your voucher order, based on the information you supply. If on receipt of your order confirmation, you believe that you have not received the pricing to which you are entitled, please contact the Voucher Team. Vouchers may be redeemed by registering for a test. Registration is accomplished by calling the registration number for the Client's testing program or by accessing our registration and scheduling services on the Internet at www.prometric.com. Vouchers may be redeemed only for the Prometric Client and testing program for which they were purchased. Vouchers are not transferable between programs. Vouchers are not returnable or refundable. Your vouchers have an expiration date, also referred to as an Order End Date. They must be redeemed and the exam must be taken prior to this date or they will become invalid. Expiration dates are most often 12 or 6 months from the purchase date and are set by Prometric's Client for whose testing program the voucher is valid. Once a voucher has expired, it can not be extended or reinstated and the fee paid is lost. Each voucher is imprinted with information about the testing program for which it is valid, the expiration date, and other terms and conditions for its use. You the purchaser are responsible for understanding this information and for communicating it to anyone to whom you supply vouchers. Test takers who have contacted Prometric and are having problems redeeming vouchers due to not understanding the terms of their use may be referred back to you for problem resolution. If you choose to receive your vouchers in electronic form, you will receive a list of the usage terms and conditions as part of the file you receive. You are responsible to ensure the person(s) receiving the "electronic voucher" from you also receive(s) and understands the terms and conditions. Vouchers are just like cash. You should safeguard them and track their issuance to test takers. Prometric does not provide redemption information to you. If you have received your vouchers electronically, you are responsible for adequate backup of the electronic file and tracking issuance. In case of a lost file, the original purchaser may request the original file to be re-transmitted; however, replacement files will not reflect any redemption activity to date.
Vouchers may not be re-sold and must be used by individuals associated with the partner placing an order. All partners that place orders exceeding 100 exams will need specific Microsoft approval prior to authorization. These partners may be asked to provide lists of internal candidates that will be using the exam vouchers.

This voucher order is governed by the Terms and Conditions, which may be reviewed above. By placing a voucher order you accept the Terms and Conditions and agree to abide by them.